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About Benefit Plan Strategies

Mission Statement

Resourcefully utilize innovative technologies to provide our clients with the most up-to-date interactive, strategic solutions for group benefit requirements.

Benefit Plan Strategies is the consultant for choice employers that appreciate and respect our core values along with our unique ability to deliver a superior program that enhances productivity and improves the lives of our clients’ employees. We understand the importance of having the right compensation plan to not only attract but maintain long term employees. BPS specializes in analytically advising clients on how to choose the most cost-effective benefit plans for each company’s unique employee group. We take pride in offering benefit packages that compliment not only company cost but concentrate on how the employees consume their benefits to make sure each plan accurately suits the employees’ needs too.

Vision Statement

Provide solutions that allow employers to increase profitability, manage company culture and improve the lives of their employees.

BPStrategies is the most progressive benefits and human resources firm in the marketplace, based on our products, services, and ideas. These solutions allow business owners to increase profitability, manage company culture and improve the lives of their employees.

BPS works with our other Alera Group partners to continue using, developing, and providing data analyses to deliver tailored benefit packaging options that will optimize plan usage and attempt to hinder rising costs. We want to communicate proficiently with our clients to aid them with any business issues connected with the execution of group benefit programs.

Who We are

Our Goals

Save You Time

We understand that our clients have businesses to run and your time is money. We streamline your employee benefits process and offer a variety of web-based HR-related tools that help reduce administration cost. Now your HR staff can concentrate on more important goals like business’ strategic objectives.

Save You Money

We use actuarially-developed tools that provide employers with the information needed to manage plan costs, helping your business find the best and most cost-efficient employee benefits program available in the marketplace.

Create and Reveal Value

Benefits should add value to your business to help attract great employees and then retain them once hired. You need cost-effective plans that will work for all parties involved, and BPS knows how to do so. We analyze the data from all perspectives and then teach your employees how to get the most out of their benefits package.

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